Hi, my name is Beau Cassidy, I am a shy cassidy_f19525bde6ee5ed3f4be8851f1d24345sweet boy about 8 months old. I’ve been given the name Beau ’cause the lady who rescued me said I was B-e-a-u-tiful,(even though it’s pronounced “Bo”….. kinda weird but okay with me).
Here is my story.
I was living in the woods near a university in a colony of cats where all the forgotten college student companions go when their humans leave school and go back to mom & dad. I’m certain that my mother was someone’s companion for awhile because she is very nice, too and I’m sure that if given the chance she’d love to curl up in a lap once again and be safe and warm. Right now we’re part of the colony. I was born outside but I was one of the lucky ones. Lucky Cat Rescue came along and rescued me just before the severe winter hit. I don’t think I would have survived had I not been rescued.
I am truly in need of your help. You see, I am missing the lower part of one of my hind legs. It is very hard to get around in the woods when you are not whole. I can’t climb because this stump just gets in the way. You’re a target for the bullies in the colony and the wildlife that live there, so I had kept myself hidden for the first few months of my life. I would see my littermates and my mom running around and hanging out relaxing in the sunshine occasionally but I usually stayed tucked deep in the leaves until everyone had eaten and gone away before I stumbled my way to the feeding station a nice lady had set up for us. She has been taking care of us for many years.

When Lucky Cat Rescue heard about us they came and started to trap the cats and kittens to have them taken to the vet for spaying and neutering, one by one until they finally got “Big Daddy”. He was the guardian of the colony and that cat has been through a lot in his years here. Big Daddy was even missing a large portion of his tail “Can you imagine, a cat without his tail?” Mom said that he had been in many wars protecting us and each year he lost a little bit until there was nothing left of that beautiful proud tail that he waved like a flag. Now that Big Daddy was gone I knew I needed to get away from my woods with no one here to protect me.
One day when the ladies with the metal boxes came back I decided to take a chance. I was just so hungry that I couldn’t resist. I limped my way into the big metal box (they call it a trap) where they had laid out a banquet of the most wonderfully prepared tuna I’d ever had in my life. It was really very tasty and I enjoyed it so much I forgot where I was and stepped forward to get the last crumb and “slam”, the back door shut and I was stuck. It was very scary but I’ve come to realize that it was a blessing. When I woke up the next day I was inside a house, safe and warm. There was a nice lady talking to me. A strange experience I grant you, the only other “human” I’d known was the lady who had been feeding us, so I was a little scared. Suddenly she just scooped me up and held me close. That was nice. I started to relax and then the strangest thing happened. I started to vibrate. It wasn’t a bad thing, it was a nice feeling to not be afraid. The lady was so happy she started to cry. She said that I was purring and it was the most beautiful sound in the world. I know I have a long road ahead of me, getting used to the human world but I’m so happy to have the chance.
My leg is causing problems in that the stump always seems to get raw and bleed when I lean on it and the short stump causes me to be “out of kilter” because I try to walk on it.
My next step is to go to the vet to have my leg amputated (scary but the vet says it’s the best thing for me) and once I’ve healed from the surgery, I’ll be running around with the other cats playing and scratching, able to climb and jump and be the kind of cat I was meant to be (just with 3 legs instead of 4). I’m looking forward to having a family love me forever and ever.
Won’t you please help me by donating money to Lucky Cat Rescue to put towards my surgery?




Age: 8 months old
Sex: Male
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