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Sex: Female, spayed
Type: Domestic Short Hair, Gray/Blue/Silver
DoB: May 25, 2022

Hi, I’m Star, a name which suits me because I’m a rising star in the foster universe. (Starlight)

My early life was full of adversity – I survived an outdoor hoarding environment. However, I’m now the “star” pupil at foster kitten finishing school and I’ve learned to explore my universe!

Though I may be petite, I’m mighty! For example, consider my newest hobbies: playing with food toys, climbing cat trees, chasing and romping with other kitties. I really love wrestle mania.

Now that I’m indoors and safe, I can finally relax! This means I am exploring new galaxies: cat treats, wet food, enriching toys, cozy cat beds, and napping in sunbeams. To infinity and beyond!

Will you bring me home and give me more of the good life? I need someone who has a lot of patience and can spend lots of time with me. Please be understanding that I am growing to trust humans. My foster parents go slow when approaching me. I’m truly blossoming into a very loved companion. I’m working on accepting affection and getting brushed. My next goal is to be picked up and cuddled by humans. I’m trying so hard to be brave.



Lucky Cat feels that Starlight should go to a forever home with Tabitha, with whom she has bonded while in foster care.

Please see Tabitha’s bio here

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