Thor and Squirrel

“Silly Squirrel” was the original name of a beautiful long-haired cat who caught my wife’s interest back in the spring of 2003. Silly Squirrel had been rescued by Lucky Cat, was available for adoption, and was located in a pet store in Bel Air. Before we went up, though, my wife and I were advised by an LCR volunteer that we just had to check out a cat named Thor, who was super loving and sweet. After meeting these two kitties, we ended up adopting both. Thor was a lover, and anytime there was loving going on, he was going to get in the middle of it. Squirrel (we dropped the “Silly”) passed away a few years ago, but Thor kept going and going, remaining spry and sweet and loving the whole time. Anyway, on February 25, 2022, Thor crossed the rainbow bridge quietly in our house surrounded by his family and our other pets. Thanks to Lucky Cat we made sure to check him out and he turned out to be one of the best. He will be sorely missed.

~ Barry




Squirrel (top right)


Barry and Willa, with Thor getting in the middle (left)


Squirrel and Thor (bottom right)




Lucky Cat Rescue extends our gratitude to Barry for sharing his very touching story. People who adopt rescued animals are doing the world a great service, but it is also a very rewarding endeavor. All that these pets have to give is love and you will find that they give it generously. Barry’s story about Thor and Squirrel is a perfect example.