Lucky Cat Rescue (LCR) will partner with the community to assist you in each rescue and adoption. If you are in need of immediate same day assistance, please contact a shelter such as BARCS410-396-4695, 301 Stockholm St., Baltimore, MD 21230, which is open and may have immediate intake.

Stray Cat Assistance from Kaboodle Kaboodle

Lucky Cat Rescue (LCR) partners with you to help a stray or injured kitty. We do not have a shelter or facility, so we cannot take the cat; however, we will work as your partner as you foster the cat. We are happy to loan a cat carrier and/or crate to keep the cat in the safety of your home. We contact our veterinarian to approve an exam while you take the cat to our vet. You continue fostering the cat until it is healthy, friendly, and ready for adoption. LCR will place the cat for adoption. However, if the cat is not adopted in a timely fashion and requires a crate break, you again would partner and foster until LCR is able to provide another adoption opportunity, which could be a week or longer. The cat will be posted on our adoption websites


Cat Trapping Advice from Tippy (Pippin)Pippin

Lucky Cat Rescue (LCR) partners with you to trap an injured cat or cat that may be too frightened to pick up. As you partner with LCR, we will loan you a trap and provide guidance to safely set and trap. Once the cat is trapped, you take the cat to our veterinarian. If the cat is adoptable, as an LCR partner, you will foster the cat until it is ready for adoption. If the cat is not adoptable, you need to continue as a caretaker for the cat, knowing the cat is healthy and not reproducing.


Unable to keep your cat? Advice from ConnieConnie

Lucky Cat Rescue (LCR) will partner with you and post a picture of your cat on our websites. When we have an opening for an adoption event or an empty crate for adoption, we will be happy to place your cat for adoption. If your cat is not adopted, you will need to pick up and continue fostering and caring for your cat until an adoption space opens again.


Did your cat have kittens? Advice from Stella stella_d01be4a92a80abfbaa3dc14e2ccc9f21

Lucky Cat Rescue (LCR) will partner with you to adopt your cat’s kittens ONLY if you agree to get the momma cat fixed through our veterinarian through a low cost program.