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Big Bear
I am not a cat person but my husband is, and so are my children. On the Saturday after Thanksgiving we visited To Wag For in Bel Air to shop for Molly, our Golden Retriever puppy. A gray kitten (called Red) caught the eye of my husband and kids and before I knew it, I had reluctantly agreed to her adoption. It wasn’t long before she won me over. Red (we kept the name) is the sweetest cat ever. She’s So loving and affectionate. She’s actually. snoozing on my lap as I type this. Molly’s here too, she and Red are great friends. Thank you Lucky Cat Rescue, but in this case I’m the lucky one.
Coal & Tieger

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Tank & Ninja



On Oct. 24th I adopted Cali-- I fell in love with her when I saw her. She had a difficult first weekend. She was upset and confused-- hiding and would not let me touch her to comfort her. But she ate, and slept in her little bed and became used to the house. In the 2 months, she has become more secure and happy in her "forever" home. She will jump into my lap, play with me and with the laser light or a small ball, loves her new perch in the window, and the last week has finally come to climb into my bed at night and allow me to pet her and almost snuggle. It's only a few weeks, I love her more every day and am so delighted that she is happier each day. I know we will have a long and happy life together-- THANK you for my darling little girl.


IMG 1845

Just wanted to share a picture of our Lucky Cat, known as Annie Oakley to you guys, but renamed Maple by us. We adopted her on Sept 22, 2012, and she is wonderful! Thank you for all you do! Joanna, Will and Alina


Just to let you know that it has been one year today that we got Chloe.
Chloe and Ken and I are still very happy with the situation. She continues to be sweet , cuddly and well behaved . Not quite sure if she is the "Lucky Cat" or if we are the lucky ones.
Thanks.      Marge Deily


Adam is great! He's coming out and exploring more, and he even jumped up on the bed with us last night for a bit. He's really talkative and super affectionate and he loves to play too. Here's a photo that my boyfriend took of him the other night after I had gone to bed. Adam jumped up on my boyfriends desk to help him clean.

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Boo Boo

boo boo



Ash & Pearl



Just a quick update while I have a minute -- They're doing great so far! Very curious and shy but when they're not running up and down the hall together, they've been snuggling together in my bedroom. I'll send you more updates soon!

Addie & Bailey
IMG 4245IMG 8251

2012 Lucky Cat Success Stories


We just adore Molly! She has turned out to be the best barn cat I ever imagined! She took care of my bird problem in 2 days! And the mice are down to a fraction of what they were, she hunts everything that moves 🙂 She also keeps my dogs in line, comes when I call her, follows me around when I do chores and lets me carry her and pet her too 🙂 She is a super kitty, thank you so much for her! I even let her sleep in my tack room at night, which I never thought would happen, but she is a lady and doesn't scratch up my things, she has her own bed by the window that she loves 🙂 Even my husband who was skeptical about a barn cat is enthralled with her. Ok, sorry for the gushing, but we really do love her.


When we first met JasperJasper at Petco he seemed to be a scared little boy. His mommy sadly had to go into a nursing home and for me it seemed like a great fit for us with him being around other dogs and me as well in the nursing field. The first time I held Jasper I kept looking into his sad little eyes and knew that our family would be a great fit for him. The lady from LCR informed us that he would probably need to go into a room of his own for a couple of days so he could get used to his surroundings and that he may not eat like we are used to with our other cat. We'll he fooled us because he came to our house and was ready to run and get to know his surroundings. He has been walking through the house and learning he has freedom to do as he pleases and that he is completely loved by his mommy's, brothers, and sister. 🙂 He definitely was a perfect pick for us! 🙂


Ricardo & Roo

Here are a few photos of the kitties so you can have an update! Roo especially enjoyed helping Ricardo make the Christmas wreath. They would love to see you. 🙂 Hoping all is well and thinking of you!

Ricard and RooRicard and Roo







Here is Blackie, the cat Patti and Lisa helped. My father-in-law sent this picture today. Enjoy!
Website editor note: It looks like you could build a train track around this guy, he looks so comfortable. My cats would tear down the But they are cute, so what the heck.





Sweetie Pie (AKA Mae Mae)

Mae Mae has a new name, Sweetie Pie. She moved into her new home on 12/31/2010. She was in a terrible mood that day - hissing and screaming - but I knew that she'd be ok if I could get her home and gain her trust.

Today is her one year birthday as a reborn spoiled kitty. When she moved in she weighed about 5 Sweetie Pie, and her hind legs were so withered she could barely support herself let alone jump without falling over. She did not meow or purr - I thought that she could not speak. She was scared of everything, was terrified to be picked up, and in her anxiety of the human touch would give off gas.
I am happy to tell everyone she at least doubled her weight, she's not afraid of much, lets me pick her up, and sits in my lap to be petted. Now, she meows very loudly, and the other day while she was lying next to me on the sofa in front of my chest - I heard her purr very quietly. I see her playing with shadows and romping with her toys and even pieces of paper. She's regained her feline agility and does a fine balancing act moving over furniture and on top of me when I am lying down.

No one wanted Mae Mae because she is an older cat, and had health problems. Love heals many things, and she has a furr-ever home. She still doesn't like being brushed or having her nails clipped, but she has made a near full recovery in this time period.

Many thanks, Virginia


 Emma & Blondie


I adopted both of these beautiful girls in June and they have become wonderful family members. They bring me as much joy if not more than I could ever bring them. I am so glad that we waited and got the kittens that matched our family needs instead of jumping on the first ones we saw. Thank you lucky cat for giving us such beautiful extensions to our family.


Isis & Osiris

IMAG0326 1IMAG0339 1




Eric (aka Eleven) relaxing in the sunshine. We renamed him since he is always "one more than 10" on the cute scale. He is our sweet and funny purring machine and want to thank Lucky Cat for bringing him into our lives and hearts.


Bailey and Addie


bailey and addie

2011 Lucky Cat Success Stories


Sally, you asked me to take Solay home to foster her, I believe in June of 08. Problem was, she was laying on my chest, eyes closed, purring away like a kitten. Corey was also having a grand time with her. He wanted to know if she was going to stay, or was she going to go like all the fosters in the past.

"We" (the cats and I) decided to keep her. She is a joy, and oh so friendly. I feel as though I have cheated the system by taking a kitty so friendly and loving.

She wants her occasional drink from faucet, but is also happy with the drink fountain and fresh water placed on her sink. I love this little girl. So what do we call her, a failed foster? I have had many of them that I would love to have kept. Unfortunately, I take one in, fall in love with them, then realize there are at least 20 more waiting to come in. Hopefully, there will be no more failed fosters. I love to foster the new babies, but I fear falling in love with them. Thanks for bringing Solay into our small group. She seems happy and I LOVE having her in my little group.

Fonzi (AKA Tiny Tim)

FonziUpdate, Sept, 2011Fonzi
Fonzi was celebrating his 4 Year Anniversary of being Adopted and brought to his new home. (Anniv. was last Thursday, Sept. 22nd).
Do you think he looks relaxed lying on the Chair??
This is Fonzi (formerly Tiny Tim) who has a bunny for a friend!

When the bunny comes up to our door(every day) and looks in, I go out with a carrot and hold it in my hand while the bunny nibbles on the other end. Fonzi sits right at the screen door and watches the bunny eat. Fonzi sometimes rolls over on his back with his whole belly showing and puts his paws on the screen (like he wants to touch the bunny) and just lays there and watches the bunny in that position. Fonzi loves that bunny!

Nonni S.

Kirby (AKA Palmer)

Updated 10/9/11. I am so blessed that he came into my life. He is a little mess. He is Kirbysuch a sweet little boy. He loves to eat, play with his toys ( I always tell him he has $50,000 worth of toys to play with!!!), he LOVES to watch water go down the toilet and jumps in the shower when I turn the water on to take a shower. He also gets up on the sink when I'm washing dishes, brushing my teeth. He is very athletic. Jumps very high in the air when I throw a treat to him. Loves chasing the lazer pointer. Sits by my patio door and watches storms, lightening and all. He and Piccolo have become best friends, they play together, sleep together and lay in my lap and sleep together. I love him soooo much. Plus he is just so beautiful. He is very long, lean and shiny!!! I couldn't have asked for a better baby. Thank you for taking such good care of him, he is definitely worth it. He does have his little ornery side, I have a vase full of artificial fall flowers on my dining room table and in the course of one night, he managed to pull leaves off of it plus knock it over, LOL. We had a discussion about it and he hasn't done it since. I just shook my finger at him and told him NO, he looked at me and got it!!! Didn't yell, just was very firm!!!


Chub ChubSent: Sep 14, 2011
Subject: Re: Chub-Chub
It has been a few years and I hope you still remember Chub. He is doing well, had some dental surgery and some other problems. He is still so lovable and kneads all the time. I will send a picture to show you how big he has gotten despite all he has been through.
Sent: Jul 20, 2006 Subject: Re: Chub-Chub
Chub is doing very well. He is a very big boy, but a baby. I can't tell you how much fun he is. He loves to catch flies, he can catch any fly in the house and jumps 8 feet to get them. He then eats them. He jumps and lands like a dinosaur. You would think he weighed 100 lbs. I will send pictures as soon as I figure out how to download them.



I just want to say thank you so very much for everything. Paxton is a true joy to have around especially when he runs his obstacle course through the apartment. We've been together for about 7 months now and we couldn't be happier. I can't thank you enough for bringing us together.







Severus (AKA Weasley)

SeverusJust wanted to give you a quick update on Weasley, now named Severus. He's doing so well and I think he's finally completely done settling in. He's gotten into our daily routine in the house and is just a really sweet boy. I took him to the vet two weeks ago for an upper respiratory infection, which she said was probably just from the stress of moving around. He was given a clean bill of health otherwise. He loves our screen porch and would probably be happy to live on it if we would let him. He was afraid of our dog at first, but now he will even rub up against him. He seems really happy here (in fact, he's curled up next to me right now!) and I'm so glad Lucky Cat was able to match me up with him. Thank you so much for my new friend; he has definitely got a permanent and forever loving home with me. I attached a couple pictures of him for you.
Thanks again!


This big lovable handsome boy, who was given a couple of months to live by the vet, today is now spending his second year in his forever him with me and my family. I have to thank everyone in Lucky Cat who helped him along the way. He has brought us joy and happiness ever since he came to us on August 7, 2009.
Bless you all,








LeeLeeGreetings to my lucky cat family. I read Jim's email about Romeo (coming soon) and wanted to share our "LeeLee" with you. We are so pleased with her.
LeeLee came to us in November 2010 as a kitten and Olivia was immediately smitten with her. After a lot of family conferences we agreed to let LeeLee join our family. She is such a blessing. I believe there is a cat out there for everyone and although Olivia thinks this one is hers, she really is mine. She is such a loving, playful, intuitive cat. We love her so very much. Thank you Lucky Cat! Happy to be one of you
~ Shannon


This is Sammie, helping his new mom at work by being a paper weight. Sam is a rags to riches story. Born in the woods he is now living the life of luxury. He brings his toys to bed each night and is loving the attention he is getting from his new Mom & Dad.
Laurie and Bill



Hello LCR folks!
I have been meaning to email someone in the rescue about Wes. Wes is absolutely the most amazing cat. My family and I feel like we have struck gold to have him in our lives. I have never met a cat who is so social and friendly. He is extremely intelligent and very kind. My 1.5 year old daughter is still learning about gentle touches and how to behave around the cat, and there could be no better cat than Wes to show her how. He is patient and loving toward her. He took to every family member very well, and my husband, who is anything but a cat lover, has adopted him as his own! We recently had company, and unlike any other cat that I have known, Wes did not hide. Instead, he wanted to welcome everyone and make sure everyone had a chance to pet him. Wes is a rare breed- I wish there were more cats like him!
He did not seem to need an adjustment period- he took to his litter box within a day and is now sleeping on my son's bed at night.
Simply put, we love Wes. Thank you for your accurate description of his personality and characteristics on the Lucky Cats Rescue web page, and for giving him such a loving and protective home before we adopted him. We are thankful to have Wes to welcome us home every day, and look forward to getting to know him even better as time continues. I will be sure to recommend your organization to any one who is in search of a cat.


Hello Lucky Cat Rescue volunteers!
Thought you might like to see how my 130 lb yellow lab is getting along with current. As you can see current is trying to nurse on him (as she does on my husband, daughter and my neck and arms). She is doing great!!!! Thank you so much



I thought that I would (finally) share the success story of little Peanut :)! Well, he's not so little anymore! We adopted Peanut (previously Panther Paw) in April of 2010. He is now almost 2 years old and thriving! Peanut greets me and his daddy at the door every time we come home. He loves looking out windows and cuddles at night. There is so much love in this kitty! And I don't know what life would be like without him now 🙂
Briana and Patrick


Loving life!!



June 1, 2011
Hello there. I am just now responding since my access to internet is severely limited. Peace has proven to be very curious and playful. I definitely think that he is younger than two, or still has a lot of "kitten" in him. He has a whole house to explore and plenty of attention. He also has a new name, Capote, after the acerbic author Truman Capote.

Moxie (AKA Amelia)

June 1, 2011
I just wanted you to know how incredibly sweet and fun little Moxie (aka Amelia) is, and that we are all doing well. My resident alpha cat Tabitha had a tough time with the fact that there was another feline in the house but Moxie just kept running and playing and laying down and making goo-goo eyes at Tabitha, staying away when Tabitha was in no mood for it, etc. And finally Tabitha's heart melted! I really marvel at how well-behaved and socialized she is as well as having a great personality. Kudos and a BIG thank you to her step Mom,


DelilahJune 16, 2011
All Lucky Cat Rescue "life savers",
My mother and I want to say THANK YOU to all of you for everything you do to enable "lost" kitties and families find each other. I was fortunate enough to be selected by "Darlene" who we have renamed "Delilah". She comes to that name when we call her. She's very friendly with everyone who has come to visit, and if invited, hops right up onto their lap for attention. She loves the front bow window to nap in and watch the birds from up high.
Pamela and May


More Success Stories


I adopted Stanley (previously known as Stanley Steamer) about a year and half ago! He is quite the little monster sometimes but is also the most affectionate and social animal I have ever been around. His newest trick these days is that he will actually play "fetch" with his toy mice dropping them in my lap/hands... better than a dog! Thanks for everything.



Mooki (the former Barney) loves his forever home with Cindy getting all of the attention. He keeps close tabs on Cindy following her from room to room and talking the whole time. What a perfect home for such a good kitty!



Tes & Georgie

We've renamed the kittens - Tesla (formerly Tipsy) and Mr. George Bigglesworth ( formerly Ralphie). We mostly call them Tes and Georgie, lol. They're doing great! We started letting them out from their room a little bit about 3 days after they came home with us. Now, two weeks later, they have the run of the house - they love to chase each other from one floor to the next. They are both affectionate especially if there is food involved 🙂 My husband and I already can't imagine life without them in it. ~Kim and Toby


I just wanted to send a recent cute picture of AnneBelle. She is doing great and loves, loves, loves laying in bed with the heating blanket on ( as you can tell). She is doing wonderful!
P.S. from LCR: Annabelle was rescued along with her 5 kittens. She had been hit by a car and her jaw was broken and already healed. She has a wonderful home with people that truly love her.



f30b48ea-fa60-4ab4-81be-e54a3f189465-thumbHere are Mae's first pics. She loves her new bed and says she's still getting used to being a princess. She's a bit shy but I think it is because of her terrible ordeal. And I think she's looking for you sometimes, wondering where you are - you were good to her. But the girl has a forever home and slowly she's coming to trust me. From day one she used her box, ate food and drank water, laid next to me on the sofa and in bed. She's hysterical. She sits next to me in bed staring at me until I wake up to feed her... again. The articles I read about cats that had been starved recommended frequent small meals so it can all digest -- and not to give her treats as this stuff is full of grains which cats do not fully absorb as nutrients. But I think she'll always have some issues when it comes to I may end up doing things this way for a while....she's filling out nicely and her problems with her hind legs are disappearing as she builds muscle mass enough to support her body. She doesn't like being picked up at all but she's starting to follow me from room to room. She often lays in the same places as my other cat and because of his small size has found new ones which I've had to block off - like behind the washing machine. She's not purred yet either....which I find very odd...a cat that doesn't purr...


Hi! Leah is doing great. She is very playful and energetic - exactly what we were hoping for! She loves climbing the Christmas tree and all the presents she got in her Christmas stocking. Her favorites seem to be from the dollar store - what an easy to please kitty!
~Brittany and Tyler



Here is a pix of Harley. He is a trip and we love husband always liked cats but was really a dog person, well he and Harley are best buddies, its really cute!!




"Casanova", the intensely active and intensely black kitty has become "Sunshine" in his new household. Sunshine defines his personality. Although he is tiny, he is energetic, playful and fearless. He warms our home! His larger (by more then double) grey companion, "Shadow" is trying his best to be alpha ktty, but the swirl of enery this is Sunshine shows us that this may never be the case.Sunshine Sunshine has not yet learned where his head is e0c2f41d-76f4-4325-ae49-ea55e6d46300-thumbrelative to the rest of him. Somtimes those feet propel his head and shoulders into obstacles, not because they are not doing what they are directed to do, but because no instructions have been given. He loves to curl up in the bathroom since, with or without running water. When either of the two thumbed entities in the house approach the sacred grounds where the cans and can openers live, he is there in a flash, whether arising from a feighed sleep, the exploring the opposite end of the house, or breaking away from a David versus Goliath episode involving Shadow. The same goes when we enter the basement, where the imagined delights of the "dirty side" of the basement await. Sunshine must visit both of our computers several times a day. The moving curson attracts his attention briefly, but much more fun for him are things like my glasses. Paper clips can no longer safely roam my desktop, lest he try to injest them. My iPhone earbuds are in hiding. My desk will be cleaned way or another.

Maggie Mae

Another successful home for one of our special needs kitties!!! The reason we do what we do..... Helps us to keep doing kitty salvation, who else is going to step up into our place?



Athena & Rose

Mylie (Athena) and Gypsy (Rose) are doing fine and growing. The adjustment to a new home took Rose only about 5 minutes. Athena being younger took about 2 days. Now they rule the roost. The older cats have been great with them and allow them to eat first. Playing never stops. The dogs think that the kittens are great play toys. Athena has moved to alpha cat and likes to lie on the kitchen chair and swat passing dogs. Here are a few pictures of the kittens, enjoy.
~Barb D.

4f807374-c352-4996-c9fb-078986330cb8-thumb       3f7f593e-47e6-454e-96c3-4678ec5e5ae3-thumb


Daddy, Mommy and 3rd adopted Lucky Cat, Bayley! He is now brothers with Griffin and Jeb!! LCR comment: More to come, hopefully!! As much as we love them, finding a loving home helps to make it all worthwhile. Many thanks!!!



Aramis (now Jake) is great. He is the first male cat to live with us and we do love him. His housemate Emma (calico) is slightly older by two months. After 36 hours of separation we let them get together. After a lot of sniffing and huffing they are now getting along just fine. He is just a cutie and as sweet as can be. Although smaller than Emma, he holds his own during their playtime. We are very grateful to the Lucky Cat group for your dedication to these kitties. They are obviously well taken care of and socialized. Thank you for doing what you do.
~Marcia A.



Romeo is doing great. He is extremely lovable and has the sweetest disposition. He has made such a wonderful addition to our family. Everyone loves him.
~Arlene J.



Ghoster is now out and about in the house and is currently fast asleep in a soda carton. By the time I got back to the house Sunday after picking up her d63248c8-45e2-4f82-be62-0a4c0e094f92-thumbfood she was out from under the bed. By Wednesday she made a Ghostercouple ventures out of her room to explore. By Friday she was downstairs all day. The introductions to the other cats went fine - only a couple of hisses, but only when one would come around a corner and suprise the other. The other cats' food went up on the counter and on the table. The table is now ruled out since Ghoster now realizes she can jump. Hope she doesn't make it up on the counter. I'm feeding her 1/4 cup of W/D twice a day. Since I work evening shift, I feed her late in the morning and when I get home from work. When I'm off I can tell she's used to eating around 6pm since she spends her time in the kitchen rubbing against my legs. I read in her history she liked a cardboard scratching box. I put mine up in her room and she went to town. She's a catnip junkie too. She's a great cat. Thank you for caring for her. ~Ann K.

Emma & Blondie

Thank you for our wonderful additions. Know that they are in a loving home and are so happy together.



Here is Squirt and Pixie sleeping together.. usually they are on each other.. they are so cute.. They are so happy together.. you cannot find one without the other one very close by.. they are always together.