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Hi im Kazoo ! When my mom took me to the vet they estimated my ages to be about 5-6 years old ! I’m a good girl who uses a litter box and play well with both cats and dogs . I’m pretty payed back and like to spend my afternoons in the sunshine on a cat tree or hanging out on the patio . When my mom found me I appeared to have an injury to one of my back legs so mom took me to the vet . They said it looked like I had been hit with a car and it healed improperly . The vet said it doesn’t bother me unless a human tries to move it independently from what I want it moved to . I’m loving and will let you know when my food and water is empty with a meow ! Please help me find another home as my mommy can’t keep me . Contact info: 910-286-5932 Millett.alexandra@gmail.com