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Type:   Black, domestic medium-hair

Sex:      male, neutered

DOB:    Sept 24, 2021

Lenny is a sweet kitten. He’s a little shy. Lenny looks like his sister Lilly. Lenny needs someone to give him the time he needs to trust and help him understand that being held is a good thing. He loves to play with feather toys, balls, crumpled up paper and Lenny loves to play with his littermates. However, he is still shy and will stay back rather than running to you, except when someone shakes the treat bag. Lenny is right there. Then he will stand and enjoy being petted while he’s eating and break out in a purr. If you’re thinking about adopting two kittens, littermates Lucy, Ricky or Lilly would be a good choice to adopt with Lenny.

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