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I have a senior cat in need of rescue.  His name is Olly.  I adopted him about 6 months ago after his previous owner developed severe (to the point of hospitalization) allergies to the cat he’d had since it was a kitten.  He is 14, neutered, and current with shots etc.  He is in excellent health for a cat of his age.  He’s a very affectionate cat, too.
I find myself sadly having to admit that he is not fitting in to our household.  I already have another cat and a dog.  While initially timid and confining himself to the basement, it has now gotten to the point that the new cat has made the established cat fearful of our house, even to come and eat.  On top of that, the new cat has taken to marking up my basement, and my attempts to alleviate this have fallen short.  He was on anti-depressants which were discontinued due to cost and challenges of administration with the other cat.  While the marking issue may be mitigated by resumption of the medication, the combination of that issue with the disruption of our household harmony has lead me to the point where I have to throw in the towel and admit that he’s just not a good fit for our house.  I think he would do great in a house with no other animals.
Please let me know if you can help.  I can donate his carrier and a few other things that came with him, a bit of food to carry him through, plus some unneeded cat supplies I’ve accumulated over the years.  I would also be willing to donate $100 to support your organization’s efforts.  I really would like for him to find a home where he can thrive for his remaining years, and I’m confident he could provide the right home with lots of love and joy.  I am at the point of taking him to a shelter, though it would sincerely break my heart to do that.
Thank you,
Jared Ackers


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