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Gender: Male

Ronen is a chatty lovebug. He likes to sleep in snuggly places, and he also likes to eat. He is very well-behaved with children and appreciates when they are calm. He can be anxious in new places & situations. Ronen has a hard time fighting his instincts, and has a history of urinating outside of the litter box. He also likes to scratch on high surfaces, such as furniture arms. Additionally, he will eat all day long if the food is open and available to him (whether or not it is for him). He needs dedicated meal times (currently eats twice a day) and a measured diet. He gets along with other kitties (has lived with another cat for 4+ years). He would do best in a home that has not previously had a cat urinate outside of the box, or may even like living outdoors where he can go wherever he pleases. He did live outdoors prior to being rescued in 2011.



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