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(Her rescuers story for her) Sweety came to us last summer roaming through our yard every day. We noticed her coming to our door, we didn’t know that her original family had thrown her out. she came to us every day and stayed in our yard hiding. We felt sorry for her and took her in. We hoped someone would look for her or post flyers looking for her, but no one did. We have been taking care of her since then and found out a month later she was pregnant. You can easily see that she was and is a house cat by her cleanliness and demeanor. She is very friendly and loving. We helped deliver her four kittens on May 28, 2014 and found homes for three of them. We kept one of her kittens (male) Jamel and her to take care of them until we find good homes for them. Her son, Jamal, is very loving and playful. The mother and son duo keep each other company

Age: 1 year

Gender: Female

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