Candy Kittens

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The “candy kittens”, named after candy bars…….Krackle, Twix and Skittles, are three littermates. All of the kittens are female and all are black. Born outside in the elements, Lucky Cat rescued the kittens from a colony of cats when they were very small. In foster care, they have learned that living with people is an “ok” thing to do, having plenty of food, a warm home, veterinary care, and attention while waiting for their forever home. All three littermates have been spayed, Felv/FIV/HW tested (all negative), and received all of their vaccinations.

Kittens love to play and have a super amount of energy. Adopt two! Double the fun and entertainment watching them!! It’s great to adopt two so that they each have a pal to play with.


Krackle and Twix have Found their Forever Home!

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